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1994(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]


  1.  Hand on the torch Us3
  2.  Zingalamaduni Arrested Development
  3.  Definitely maybe Oasis
  4.  Parklife Blur
  5.  Brother sister The Brand New Heavies
  6.  The Hooters live The Hooters
  7.  Enigma 2 Enigma
  8.  Mellow gold Beck
  9.  The people tree Mother Earth
10.  Stolen moments/Red Hot + Cool various


  1.  歩いて帰ろう 斉藤 和義
  2.  Return to innocence Enigma
  3.  Ease my mind Arrested Development
  4.  Cantaloop Us3
  5.  Loser Beck
  6.  Still a friend of mine Incognito
  7.  No rain Blind Melon
  8.  Jesse Mother Earth
  9.  Live forever Oasis
10.  Tomorrow never knows Mr. Children

R's 1994 ; Loser or not .

 I, Cantaloop Us3 / Streets of Philadelphia Bruce Springsteen / Babyface U2 / Whatta man Salt-N-Pepa feat. En Vogue / Sweet (a la la la la long) Inner Circle / Wanna girl Jeremy Jordan / Too much information Duran Duran / Do it any way you wanna Guru / Goody goody Lisette Melendez / Choose Color Me Badd / I can see clearly now Jimmy Cliff / Linger The Cranberries / Still a friend of mine Incognito / I'll remember Madonna / Return to innocence Enigma / Shine Collective Soul / Because the night 10,000 Maniacs / Mercy mercy me Tony Rémy / Rocks Primal Scream

 II, Loser Beck / Mmm mmm mmm mmm Crash Test Dummies / The most beautiful girl in the world Prince / Back & forth Aaliyah / Fantastic voyage Coolio / Selling the drama Live / Mary Jane's last dance Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers / Jesse Mother Earth / Ease my mind Arrested Development / A fair affair Misty Oldland / S.A.X. Yello / Another night Real McCoy / The sign Ace of Base / Kashmir Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded / No rain Blind Melon / Wild night John Mellincamp / This D.J. Warren G. / Live forever Oasis

 III, Doop / Girls & boys Blur / Speed Billy Idol / I'm the only one Melissa Etheridge / When can I see you Babyface / Far behind Candlebox / Stay (I missed you) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories / Love is all around Wet Wet Wet / Creep TLC / The way you work it E.Y.C. / Stolen moments United Future Organization / Love the life The James Taylor Quartet / Spin the black circle Pearl Jam / Whoops now Janet Jackson / Gee baby, ain’t I good to you Susan Boyd / All I wanna do Sheryl Crow / Take me to the sunshine Sting / The heart asks pleasure first Michael Nyman / Sukiyaki 4.P.M. / Blowin' in the wind The Hooters

a shore of east - 1994 .

 World groove trf / ただ泣きたくなるの 中山 美穂 / 風に吹かれて 森高 千里 / 渋谷で5時 鈴木 雅之 / 青い車 スピッツ / 冷たいキス ICE BOX / It's only love 福山 雅治 / ファイト! 中島 みゆき / berangkat THE BOOM / DA.YO.NE. EAST END x YURI / イェイイェイ女到来 BINGO BONGO / SPY 槇原 敬之 / Tomorrow never knows Mr. Children / 歩いて帰ろう 斉藤 和義 / 黄金の花 ネーネーズ

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1995(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]



  1.  (What’s the story) morning glory ? Oasis

  2.  Cracked rear view Hootie & The Blowfish

  3.  Above & below Leon Parker

  4.  Brown sugar  D'angelo

  5.  The bends Radiohead

  6.  Weezer

  7.  Live wired electro Gota & The Low Dog

  8.  Layin’ low in the cut Alphabet Soup

  9.  Yes Morphine

10.  Circus Doop Doop





  1.  Whatever Oasis

  2.  High and dry Radiohead

  3.  Walk in the sun  Bruce Hornsby

  4.  Roll with it Oasis

  5.  Hold my hands Hootie & The Blowfish

  6.  Have you ever really loved a woman ? Bryan Adams

  7.  Morning glory Oasis

  8.  Let's do it again  Repercussions and Curtis Mayfield

  9.  December  Collective Soul

10.  Boombastic  Shaggy

11.  Mr. Jones  Out of My Hair

12.  Close to you The Brand New Heavies

13.  Brown sugar  D'angelo

14.  Wake up, Boo ! The Boo Radleys

15.  Mother earth calling Gota & The Low Dog

16.  Like Marvin Gaye said (what's going on)  Speech

17.  Daydreamer Menawe@r

18.  Say it ain’t so Weezer

19.  CANDY GIRL hitomi

20.  Hand in my pocket Alanis Morissette



R's 1995 ; Smile in the sun .


 I, Whatever Oasis / Shame Zhane / You gotta be Des'ree / Take a bow Madonna / Love spreads The Stone Roses / Hold my hand Hootie & The Blowfish / No more I love you's Annie Lennox / Protection Massive Attack / Walking in my sleep Cloudberry Jam / I know Dionne Farris / Cuban pete Jim Carrey / Carnival The Cardigans  / Close to you The Brand New Heavies / Breakfast @ Denny's Buckshot LeFonque / Back for good Take That / Have you ever really loved a woman ? Bryan Adams / Stardust Menawe@r

 II.  Last goodbye Jeff Buckley / Cotton-eye Joe Rednex / Zombie The Cranberries / Waterfalls TLC / This is the shack The Dove Shack / Can't stop loving You Van Halen / I’ll be there for you The Rembrandts / A girl like you Edwyn Collins / Honey white Morphine / Baby did a bad bad thing Chris Isaak / Without you Jasper & The Prodigal Suns / Boombastic Shaggy / Confians Weather Report / Bird of paradise Izit / Mother earth calling Gota & The Low Dog / Finetime Cast / Buddy Holly Weezer / Wake up, Boo! The Boo Radleys / High and dry Radiohead

 III. Misery Soul Asylum / Kiss from a rose Seal / Love will keep us together James Taylor Quartet / Breakfast at Tiffany's Deep Blue Something / Lump The Presidents Of The United States Of America / Good Better Than Ezra / Missing Everything But The Girl / Hand in my pocket Alanis Morissette / One of us Joan Osborne / Til I hear it from you Gin Blossoms / Taffy Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories / December Collective Soul / Brown sugar D'angelo / Roll to me Del Amitri / Runaway  Janet Jackson / Let's do it again Repercussions and Curtis Mayfield / Mr. Jones Out of My Hair / Like Marvin Gaye said (what's going on) Speech / Walk in the sun Bruce Hornsby



a shore of east - 1995 .


 Man & Woman MY LITTLE GIRL / ら・ら・ら 大黒 摩季 / ロビンソン Spitz / ガールフレンド the pillows / 風になりたい  THE BOOM / Technova TOWA TEI / CANDY GIRL hitomi / 経験の唄 佐野 元春 / なんとなくなんとなく 井上 順 / LOVE LOVE LOVE DREAMS COME TRUE / keep yourself alive 華原 朋美 / Lady Generation 篠原 涼子 / Merry-Go-Round Psychedelix / ズルい女 シャ乱Q / Now Romantic KOJI 1200 / DEPARTURES globe / SYNCHRONIZED LOVE ’95 JOE RINOIE

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1996(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]


  1.  K Kula Shaker
  2.  4 Galliano
  3.  Ben Folds Five
  4.  Spice Spice Girls
  5.  Modern day jazz stories Courtney Pine
  6.  New moon daughter Cassandra Wilson
  7.  Post Björk
  8.  Tidal Fiona Apple
  9.  More of everything for everybody Freakpower
10.  Mellon collie and the infinitesadness The Smashing Pumpkins


  1.  Change the world Eric Clapton
  2.  While the earth sleeps Deep Forest feat. Peter Gabriel
  3.  The crossroad Bone Thugs-n-Harmony
  4.  The face of love Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder
  5.  Grateful when you’re dead Kula Shaker
  6.  Jackson Cannary Ben Folds Five
  7.  Name Goo Goo Dolls
  8.  The 37th chamber Courtney Pine
  9.  Real love The Beatles
10.  C’mon and ride it Quad City DJ’s
11.  1979 The Smashing Pumpkins 
12.  Ironic Alanis Morissette
13.  Ease your mind Galliano
14.  Follow you down Gin Blossoms
15.  Because you loved me Celine Dion
16.  Nobody knows The Tony Rich Project
17.  Laviticus : Faggot Me’shell N’degeocello
18.  Sitting up in my room Brandy
19.  I love you always forever Donna Lewis
20.  Children Robert Miles


R's 1996 ; Changing world .

 I, While the earth sleeps Deep Forest feat. Peter Gabriel / No one else Total / Wonder Natalie Merchant / Hyperballad Björk / Children Robert Miles / Jackson Cannary Ben Folds Five / Follow you down Gin Blossoms / Cup noodle song Pineforest Crunch / Just a girl No Doubt / Glycerine Bush / Ironic Alanis Morisette / That’s how strong my love is Roland Gift / In the meantime Spacehog / Natural one Folk Implosion / Real love The Beatles / Name Goo Goo Dolls / Because you loved me Celine Dion / Book of days Enya

 II, 1979 The Smashing Pumpkins / Who will save your soul Jewel / Nobody knows The Tony Rich Project / Counting blue cars Dishwalla / California love 2Pac / Love love mode Dimitri From Paris / Se a vida é (that's the way life is) Pet Shop Boys / Key west intermezzo (I saw you first) John Mellencamp / The 37th chamber Courtney Pine / Now you’re not here Swing Out Sister / Ascension ( don't ever wonder) Maxwell / Loungin(who do ya luv) LL Cool J / Sittin' up in my room Brandy / The crossroads Bone Thugs-n-Harmony / I love you always forever Donna Lewis / Wannabe Spice Girls / Macarena Los Del Rio

 III, Old man & me Hootie & The Blowfish / You’re gorgeous Babybird / Pony Ginuwine / Stupid girl Garbage / C'mon and ride it Quad City DJ's / I believe I can fly R. Kelly / Laviticus : Faggot Me'shell N'degeocello / No diggity Blackstreet / Virtual insanity Jamiroquai / Hey dude Kula Shaker / Can you feel it ? Freakpower / Ease your mind Galliano / Black bird Dionne Farris / The face of love Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan with Eddie Vedder / Innocent when you dream (barroom) Tom Waits / Change the world Eric Clapton

a shore of east - 1996 .

 Sexy hitomi / 空も飛べるはず Spitz / I'm proud 華原 朋美 / 情熱  UA / ララ サンシャイン 森高 千里 / Happy Little Time Akiko / baby portable rock Pizzicato Five The planet plan United Future Organaization / クルクル ミラクル 篠原 ともえ / これが私の生きる道 PUFFY / ハミングがきこえる Kahimi Karie / SHAKE SMAP / Circular Motion Ken Ishii / YES ~freeflower~ MY LITTLE LOVER as ALL OR NOTHING / Swallowtail Butterfly~あいのうた YEN TOWN BAND / PRIDE 今井 美樹

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a shore of east - 2016 . [リョンベス。]

a shore of east - 2016 .


 クレイジーガール Bentham / 愛の手 マカロニえんぴつ / Through The Deep The fin. / サイレントマジョリティー 欅坂46 / 戦争を知らない大人たち My Hair is Bad / きっかけ 乃木坂46 / NO.2 サイダーガール / Delicious Monkey Majik / 恋したらベイべー Shiggy Jr. / リッケンバッカー リーガルリリー / アボカド yonige / STAY TUNE Suchmos / テレキャスター・ストライプ ポルカドットスティングレイ / ダイスキ DAOKO with Teddy Loid / The Great Journey KIRINJI feat. RHYMESTER / Once yahyel / 前線に告ぐ さよならポエジー / 東京絶景 吉澤 嘉代子 / 道 宇多田 ヒカル

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R’s 2016 . [リョンベス。]

R’s 2016 ; Gun of Son .


 Brazil Declan McKenna / Wide open The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck / Warm on a cold night HONNE / PILLOWT4LK Zayn / Randy Justice / Magnitude Hot Hot Heat / Take me to the alley Gregory Porter / No justice Ty Dolla $ign feat. Big TC / English architecture Teleman / Lost on you LP / Augustine Blood Orange / Life itself Glass Animals / End of the world Mr. Oizo / The brain dance Animals As Leaders / Closer The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey / Destroyer Kevin Morby / Hurt me Låpsley / Gun song The Lumineers

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The DISK - 2016 . [リョンベス。]


  1.  Woman Justice
  2.  Cleopatra The Lumineers
  3.  Campaign Ty Dolla $ign
  4.  Singing saw Kevin Morby
  5.  Long way home Låpsley
  6.  Summer 08 Metronomy
  7.  Lost on you LP
  8.  The Madness of many Animals As Leaders
  9.  All wet Mr. Oizo
10.  東京絶景 吉澤 嘉代子
11.  Warm on a cold night HONNE
12.  Teens of denial Car Seat Headrest
13.  それぞれの椅子 乃木坂46
14.  America’s national parks Wadada Leo Smith
15.  The sun's tirade Isaiah Rashad
16.  Hot Hot Heat
17.  Life Sigma
18.  Freetown sound Blood Orange
19.  untitled unmastered . Kendrick Lamar
20.  Skin Flume
21.  Telefone Noname
22.  I, gemini Let's Eat Grandma
23.  7/27 Fifth Harmony
24.  The new breed Jeff Parker
25.  Too high to riot Bas
26.  Prima donna Vince Staples
27.  How to be a human being Glass Animals
28.  Sincerely Stephen
29.  Light upon the lake Whitney
30.  AIM M.I.A
31.  Fixion Trentemøller
32.  Azel Bombino
33.  Flesh and Blood yahyel
34.  Brilliant sanity Teleman
35.  Wildflower The Avalanches
36.  For all we know Nao
37.  Badlands Halsey
38.  A day for the hunter Leyla McCalla
39.  A seat at the table Solange
40.  TEMPO Olga Bell
41.  Black terry cat Xenia Rubinos
42.  Sept 5th dvsn
43.  シャンデリア back number
44.  Yes lawd ! NxWorries
45.  Goodness The Hotelier
46.  Cubic  Lite
47.  woman’s My Hair is Bad
48.  Mind of mine ZAYN
49.  Broken people Muddy Magnolias
50.  Arrangingtime Pete Yorn







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The SONG - 2016 . [リョンベス。]


  1.  サイレントマジョリティー 欅坂46
  2.  Hurt me Låpsley
  3.  Warm on a cold night HONNE
  4.  PILLOWT4LK Zayn
  5.  Randy Justice
  6.  Life itself Glass Animals
  7.  End of the world Mr. Oizo
  8.  きっかけ 乃木坂46
  9.  戦争を知らない大人たち My Hair is Bad
10.  Lost on you LP
11.  Brazil Declan McKenna
12.  二人セゾン 欅坂46
13.  The brain dance Animals As Leaders
14.  Augustine Blood Orange
15.  No justice Ty Dolla $ign feat. Big TC
16.  Delicious Monkey Majik
17.  The Great Journey KIRINJI feat. RHYMESTER
18.  Magnitude Hot Hot Heat
19.  Take me to the alley Gregory Porter
20.  Closer The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey
21.  Drone bomb me ANOHNI
22.  クレイジーガール Bentham
23.  Cleopatra The Lumineers
24.  Good as hell Lizzo
25.  Friends Francis and the Lights feat. Bon Iver and Kanye West
26.  Fire on the floor Beth Hart
27.  Fools and their gold PLGRMS
28.  NO.2 サイダーガール
29.  English architecture Teleman
30.  Pop life Neon Indian and Friends
31.  Where are you wild horses The Raveonettes
32.  愛の手 マカロニえんぴつ
33.  Find me Sigma feat. Birdy
34.  Counterfeit Spree Wilson
35.  Zaddy Ty Dolla $ign
36.  Running Moderat
37.  Twisted Missio
38.  Bethlehem Declan McKenna
39.  Baby Anna of the North
40.  Hallucinating Elohim
41.  STAY TUNE Suchmos
42.  道 宇多田 ヒカル
43.  O.D on you Violet Days
44.  Ocean drive 21 Savage & Metro Boomin
45.  Alaska Maggie Rogers
46.  She was weird Pete Yorn
47.  Speedway sonora Banks & Steelz
48.  Sexual Neiked feat. Dyo
49.  リッケンバッカー リーガルリリー
50.  Wide open The Chemical Brothers feat. Beck






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The VIDEO - 2016 . [リョンベス。]


Declan McKenna’s「 Brazil 」

(((主に)中年)女性が)美少年を愛でる「2016 羽生結弦賞」。 歌い出しの一声めでオッサンでもキゥンキゥンきますわ。

The Lumineers’s「 Cleopatra 」

このドラマである。 歌の数だけドラマである。

The fin.’s「 Through The Deep 」


Islands's「 No Milk, No Sugar 」


Trentemøller's「 River In Me 」

世界の高所から見下ろしたつもりになっていい気なもんですけど暗い時代になりつつある気がして失礼な話ですけど北欧の音楽の力が増してる気がしますね。 ダークな音楽が力を持つってのはどうなんでしょうね。

乃木坂46’s「 きっかけ 」

侘び寂び萌え~。 萌えとは感情移入にあり!

Let's Eat Grandma’s「 Sax in the city 」


M.I.A.’s「 Go Off 」




欅坂46’s「 サイレントマジョリティー 」

贔屓目無しに今年最も力強かったビデオ。 世界で起こったことの象徴のような曲。 感情こそが武器であり弱点。 さぁ、キミはいくつ埋め込まれたほつれを見つけだせた!?



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1997(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]


  1.  Coming up Suede
  2.  Baduizm Erykah Badu
  3.  Broadway & 52nd Us 3
  4.  The fat of the land Prodigy
  5.  Love Jones - The Music various
  6.  Shelter The Brand New Heavies
  7.  Dig your own hole The Chemical Brothers
  8.  When I was born for the 7th time Cornershop
  9.  The end of violence various
10.  Whatever and ever amen Ben Folds Five


  1.  Beautiful ones Suede
  2.  The freshmen The Verve Pipe
  3.  Semi-charmed life Third Eye Blind
  4.  Laughter in the rain Mondo Grosso
  5.  On & on Erykah Badu
  6.  Setting sun The Chemical Brothers feat. Noel Gallagher
  7.  I want you Savage Garden
  8.  I like it The Brand New Heavies
  9.  Tap-moi-la ! Popcorn
10.  All around the world Oasis
11.  Everyday is a winding road Sheryl Crow
12.  I’m kissing you Des’ree
13.  Tubthumping Chumbawamba
14.  Bitch Meredith Brooks
15.  It’snogood Depeche Mode
16.  Brimful of asha Cornershop
17.  I’m thinking about your body Us 3
18.  You are the universe The Brand New Heavies
19.  Time after time The Hooters
20.  Saturday night Suede

R's 1997 ; Semi-bitter life .

 I. All mixed up 311 / Beautiful ones Suede / Mama Spice Girls / You were meant for me Jewel / Return of the mack Mark Morrison / Setting sun The Chemical Brothers feat. Noel Gallagher / Everyday is a winding road Sheryl Crow / Going out of my head Fatboy Slim / You and me song The Wannadies / Naked eye Lucious Jackson / Your woman White Town / Quit playing games (with my heart) Backstreet Boys / Don’t speak No Doubt / On & on Erykah Badu / Beetlebum Blur / I like it The Brand New Heavies / I want you Savage Garden / LoveFool The Cardigans / Ooh aah... just a little bit Gina G

 II. Hush Kula Shaker / Barbie girl Aqua / C U when U get there Coolio feat. 40 Thevz / Gotham city R. Kelly / It’snogood Depeche Mode / Building a mystery Sarah McLachlan / One headlight The Wallflowers / Walkin’ on the sun Smash Mouth / Take it to the streets Rampage / Honey Mariah Carey / I’ll be missing you Puff Daddy & Faith Evans feat. 112 / Thru the haze Jaz Klash / Whatever En Vogue / Samba de janeiro Bellini / Where have all the cowboys gone ? Paula Cole / I’m kissing you Des'ree / Born slippy Underworld

 III. Tap-moi-la ! Popcorn / Firestarter Prodigy / Sugar cane Space Monkeys / Brimful of asha Cornershop / Smokin' me out Warren G feat. Ronald Isley / You Make Me Wanna...  Usher / Love you down INOJ / Request line Zhane / Bitch Meredith Brooks / Every time I try Spain / Mo money mo problems The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Puff Daddy, Mase / Semi-charmed life Third Eye Blind / Bulgarian melody~deep folk song~freedom cry Deep Forest / The freshmen The Verve Pipe / good-bye “Hutch” ~ Hallelujah Jeff Buckley / Got 'til it's gone Janet Jackson feat. Q-Tip and Joni Mitchell / Tubthumping Chumbawamba

a shore of east - 1997 .

 I, a walk in the park 安室 奈美恵 / ダイナマイト SMAP / FACE globe / Everything Mr. Children / The Other Side of Love Ryuichi Sakamoto feat. Sister M / Cosmic Gypsy United Future Organization / 明日、春が来たら 松 たか子 / 甘い運命 UA / やさしい気持ち CHARA / Hysteric Candy りょう / セロリ 山崎 将義 / くじら12号 JUDY AND MARY / あぐり組曲/I 素晴らしき日々へ 岩代 太郎 / Go!Go!Heaven SPEED / Dear My Friend ELT

 II, 1/2 川本 真琴 / ENDLESS SUMMER NUDE 真心ブラザーズ / Sweet Emotion 相川 七瀬 / LOVE LOVE SHOW THE YELLOW MONKEY / 渚にまつわるエトセトラ PUFFY / It's gonna rain ! Bonnie Pink / Laughter in the rain Mondo Grosso / 愛について スガシカオ / However GLAY / Komm, susser Tod ARIANNE / STAR FRUITS SURF RIDER Cornelius / Shangri-la 電気グルーヴ / 恋はいつも幻のように HOFF DYLAN / ILE AYA ~WAになっておどろう~ AGHARTA
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1998(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]



  1.  The miseducation of Lauryn Hill Lauryn Hill

  2.  Urban hymns The Verve

  3.  New forms Roni Size/Reprazent

  4.  Live Erykah Badu

  5.  Two pages 4Hero

  6.  Desireless Eagle-eye Cherry

  7.  Les nubians Prinsesses Nubiennes

  8.  This is my truth tell me yours Manic Street Preachers

  9.  Ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space BP Spiritualized

10.  All Saints

11.  Now and then United Future Organization

12.  Thru the haze Jaz Klash

13.  The dawn Erik Truffaz

14.  Left of the middle Natalie Imbruglia

15.  Stunt Barenaked Ladies

16.  Jazz a Saintgermain Various

17.  Yourself or someone like you Matchbox 20

18.  Marcy Playground

19.  Distant affairs Cloud-nine

20.  The daddy of them all Space Monkeys





  1.  Bitter sweet symphony The Verve

  2.  Soul bossa nova Quincy Jones

  3.  Too close Next

  4.  Never ever All Saints

  5.  Renegade master 98 Wildchild

  6.  Nobody loved you Manic Street Preachers

  7.  To zion Lauryn Hill

  8.  Butterfly Towa Tei feat. Ayumi Tanabe

  9.  Courage Sarah Polley & Mychael Danna

10.  3 lions ’98 Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds

11.  I think I’m in love Spiritualized

12.  Teardrop Massive Attack

13.  Hard knock life (ghetto anthem) Jay-Z

14.  Gone till november Wyclef Jean

15.  One weak Barenaked Ladies

16.  Iris The Goo Goo Dolls

17.  Tyrone Erykah Badu

18.  Sweetest thing U2

19.  I don’t want to miss a thing Aerosmith

20.  Brown papar bag Roni Size/Reprazent



R's 1998 ; Do we still need reason for living ? 


 I, The morrow Michael Nyman / Gone till november Wyclef Jean / Renegade master 98 Wildchild / Courage Sarah Polley & Mychael Danna / Push Matchbox 20 / Bitter sweet symphony The Verve / Teardrop Massive Attack / I don't want to wait Paula Cole / Sex and candy Marcy Playground / Three marlenas The Wallflowers / But tomorrow Jaguar / Torn Natalie Imbruglia / All my life K-Ci & Jo Jo / Ralling~Brown paper bag Roni Size⇄Reprazent / Adia Sarah McLachlan / All around the world Oasis / Good riddance (time of your life) Green Day


 II, Too close Next / Mystic Princesses Nubiennes / Soul Bossa nova Quincy Jones / 3 lions ’98 Baddiel, Skinner & The Lightning Seeds / You are the universe The Brand New Heavies / Walking after you Foo Fighters / You're still the one Shania Twain / I don't want to miss a thing Aerosmith / Pacific (808:98) 808 State / One week Barenaked Ladies / Inside out Eve 6 / I think I’m in love Spiritualized / Nobody loved you Manic Street Preachers / This kiss Faith Hill / Never ever All Saints / La javanaise Jacky Terrasson / Iris The Goo Goo Dolls / To Zion Lauryn Hill / Thank U Alanis Morissette / Reason for living Roddy Frame



a shore of east - 1998 .


 There will be love there -愛のある場所- the brilliant green / LOVE AFFAIR ~秘密のデート~ Southern All Stars / 長い間 kiroro / つつみ込むように… MISIA / Time Goes By Every Little Thing / 強く儚い者たち Cocco / 愛のしるし PUFFY / Together Now Jean Michel Jarre & Tetsuya ’TK’ Komuro / ピンクスパイダー hide / 素肌の季節 mission / ひとりごと スガシカオ / 好きなら好きっ! エンクミ / Butterfly Towa Tei feat. Ayumi Tanabe / 全部だきしめて Kinki Kids / 抱いて HOLD ON ME ! モーニング娘。 / ただ風は吹くから 竹内 結子 / ところで ゆず

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