1995(アーカイヴ)。 [リョンベス。]



  1.  (What’s the story) morning glory ? Oasis

  2.  Cracked rear view Hootie & The Blowfish

  3.  Above & below Leon Parker

  4.  Brown sugar  D'angelo

  5.  The bends Radiohead

  6.  Weezer

  7.  Live wired electro Gota & The Low Dog

  8.  Layin’ low in the cut Alphabet Soup

  9.  Yes Morphine

10.  Circus Doop Doop





  1.  Whatever Oasis

  2.  High and dry Radiohead

  3.  Walk in the sun  Bruce Hornsby

  4.  Roll with it Oasis

  5.  Hold my hands Hootie & The Blowfish

  6.  Have you ever really loved a woman ? Bryan Adams

  7.  Morning glory Oasis

  8.  Let's do it again  Repercussions and Curtis Mayfield

  9.  December  Collective Soul

10.  Boombastic  Shaggy

11.  Mr. Jones  Out of My Hair

12.  Close to you The Brand New Heavies

13.  Brown sugar  D'angelo

14.  Wake up, Boo ! The Boo Radleys

15.  Mother earth calling Gota & The Low Dog

16.  Like Marvin Gaye said (what's going on)  Speech

17.  Daydreamer Menawe@r

18.  Say it ain’t so Weezer

19.  CANDY GIRL hitomi

20.  Hand in my pocket Alanis Morissette



R's 1995 ; Smile in the sun .


 I, Whatever Oasis / Shame Zhane / You gotta be Des'ree / Take a bow Madonna / Love spreads The Stone Roses / Hold my hand Hootie & The Blowfish / No more I love you's Annie Lennox / Protection Massive Attack / Walking in my sleep Cloudberry Jam / I know Dionne Farris / Cuban pete Jim Carrey / Carnival The Cardigans  / Close to you The Brand New Heavies / Breakfast @ Denny's Buckshot LeFonque / Back for good Take That / Have you ever really loved a woman ? Bryan Adams / Stardust Menawe@r

 II.  Last goodbye Jeff Buckley / Cotton-eye Joe Rednex / Zombie The Cranberries / Waterfalls TLC / This is the shack The Dove Shack / Can't stop loving You Van Halen / I’ll be there for you The Rembrandts / A girl like you Edwyn Collins / Honey white Morphine / Baby did a bad bad thing Chris Isaak / Without you Jasper & The Prodigal Suns / Boombastic Shaggy / Confians Weather Report / Bird of paradise Izit / Mother earth calling Gota & The Low Dog / Finetime Cast / Buddy Holly Weezer / Wake up, Boo! The Boo Radleys / High and dry Radiohead

 III. Misery Soul Asylum / Kiss from a rose Seal / Love will keep us together James Taylor Quartet / Breakfast at Tiffany's Deep Blue Something / Lump The Presidents Of The United States Of America / Good Better Than Ezra / Missing Everything But The Girl / Hand in my pocket Alanis Morissette / One of us Joan Osborne / Til I hear it from you Gin Blossoms / Taffy Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories / December Collective Soul / Brown sugar D'angelo / Roll to me Del Amitri / Runaway  Janet Jackson / Let's do it again Repercussions and Curtis Mayfield / Mr. Jones Out of My Hair / Like Marvin Gaye said (what's going on) Speech / Walk in the sun Bruce Hornsby



a shore of east - 1995 .


 Man & Woman MY LITTLE GIRL / ら・ら・ら 大黒 摩季 / ロビンソン Spitz / ガールフレンド the pillows / 風になりたい  THE BOOM / Technova TOWA TEI / CANDY GIRL hitomi / 経験の唄 佐野 元春 / なんとなくなんとなく 井上 順 / LOVE LOVE LOVE DREAMS COME TRUE / keep yourself alive 華原 朋美 / Lady Generation 篠原 涼子 / Merry-Go-Round Psychedelix / ズルい女 シャ乱Q / Now Romantic KOJI 1200 / DEPARTURES globe / SYNCHRONIZED LOVE ’95 JOE RINOIE

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